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Custom Reports

Custom Reports are a great way to extract some information from your store's database.

Get to know Custom Reports here:

Following the instructions on that page, you can build your own custom reports. The sample query on that page lists out a test report that will provide the email address, and billing zip code associated with every order taken on your store.

See below for a few more custom reports you might find useful.

Here's a custom report that will list out all customer addresses: 

INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Addresses', 'All Addresses in Database', 'SELECT AddressID,CustomerID,FirstName,LastName,Company,Address1,Address2,Suite,City,State,Zip,Country,Phone FROM Address')


This one will give you a report of all categories in your store: 

INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Categories', 'Categories currently in the store', 'SELECT CategoryID,Name,ParentCategoryID,Published,Deleted FROM Category')


Export a list of all products that don't have a SKU: 

INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Products Without SKU', 'Products currently without a SKU value', 'SELECT Name,ProductID,SKU FROM Product WHERE SKU IS NULL OR SKU = ''''')


How do I know which columns and tables have which things?  SQL is hard!


If you're new to SQL, this site is a great resource:

As you're building custom reports, having a local copy of the database is really useful. You'll need to have SQL Server Management Studio installed, with an instance of SQL on your computer. Then, contact your host for a copy of your live store's database, and restore that. 

If you aren't running SQL locally and you're not sure what tables/columns are available to build custom reports around, this page might help:

This contains a list of all of the columns in each table in a version 9.5.1 database. Version 10 database structure is very similar, so for most custom reports, this reference will still be useful for newer versions.

Here's a custom report that exports a list of all products that have been designated for free shipping: 


INSERT INTO CustomReport (Name, Description, SQLCommand)
VALUES ('Free Shipping Products', 'All products with designated free shipping', 'SELECT p.ProductID, p.Name, pv.FreeShipping FROM
Product p 

INNER JOIN ProductVariant pv ON
p.ProductID = pv.ProductID

WHERE pv.FreeShipping = 1')


Looks like this was posted forever ago and I missed it. 

Has anyone else tried to make any custom reports in SQL? I'm curious if you've made any that were life-changing. I'll make sure to share my own once I get it working!

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