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Ever wonder how to change that 'text'?

You may have arrived at that moment when you look at your storefront and wonder where in the world do I change that text?

It's quite possible that the text you wish were different is a Prompt.

For example;
Your Minicart modal window has a Close button. You may have more than one customer suggesting that this say Continue Shopping instead;


To change the word 'close' you will need to manage that Prompt. In your Admin Console navigate to Content > Manage Prompts;

  • Search for the Prompt Name minicart.close, click the name in blue to edit
  • Change the Value field from Close to whatever you would like it to read instead (Example: Continue Shopping)
  • Click Save and Close to commit your change
  • Click the Refresh Store button in the upper right corner to finalize the change
  • Finally test the new change by visiting the front end of the store to view the modified Prompt

You will end up with something like this;


Pretty easy, right?

PRO TIP: It's pretty unlikely you would know the actual name of the prompt. Be sure to use the Value filter when searching for what the text reads on the front end of the site.