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CartItemManagementProvider where are you?

 In c# shoppingcart source there is a message: [Obsolete("This method is Deprecated, and has been replaced with the new AspDotNetStorefrontCore.CartItemManagementProvider class. Please update any calling code accordingly.")]

But I can not find the class CartItemManagementProvider in AspDotNetStorefrontCore.

I am upgrading from 9.5.1 to 10.0.8 with customizations.

Best Answer

This is corrected in the next release.

That comment should be telling you to look for 'AspDotNetStorefrontCore.CartActionProvider'.  That class name was changed and it looks like we just forgot to update that warning message.  I added a note here to get that updated in a future release.  Thanks!

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Thanks for the fast follow-up



This is corrected in the next release.


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