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Create EBAY and Amazon Listings from ASPDOTNET Storefront


Is there a way to create listings from website data on the latest PREFIX ASPDOTNET Storefront software.  

We sell on EBAY and Amazon and it would be wonderful to easily import data for listings.  

We signed up with this company for EBAY listings.   They have a store connector and have partnership with Shoppify and Magento but not ASPDOTNET


Hi Ben,

There isn't any built-in support for Ebay or Amazon listings. Depending on what you mean by "listing", a custom solution can range from a single XML Package to a full-blown integration.

If you'd like, I can put you in contact with one of our DevNet partners to discuss this further.

 - Jason

I really dont have any experience to sell anything on eBay and other suggested stores, I personally share my experience here, I mostly sell my staff on ReeCoupons, and really get many benefits as well, from my side a sensible idea would be to once try on there.


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