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Kit Products (v9.5) - size & color, reusing kit groups, and other questions

Hi all!

Sorry, I'm not good at brevity, but the tl;dr is - What's the best way to set up a product with about nine different variables?

My site ( v9.5.1) offers, among other things, picture-framing supplies. What I'm trying to do is offer custom foil-printed text on our full selection of matting. We already have the mats set up: five different sizes, each with an average of a dozen configurations of window sizes and arrangements, in 15 different colors. We want to offer customer-input text in four different fonts, four different colors, and four different positions on the mat.

I can more or less convey all the necessary options in a kit, with a lot of graphics for visual aids, but there's going to be a lot of redundancy in this approach. Since it appears that:

-one cannot assign a kit group to multiple products (KitGroupID is the product key, and ProductID is an integer,)

-one cannot use size & color modifiers in a kit item,

-one cannot reference existing photos for a kit item that was added by variant number,

-one cannot use Image Filename Override in a kit group,

I'm gonna end up making the same six kit groups, as well as loading color swatches & font samples for roughly 30 kit items, about 15 times each.

Any customization I can think of to simplify this kit (eg, tying the font-family and font-color selectors to events that update the CSS of the user input text) are beyond my skill level. Any ideas for making this less clunky to look at and less difficult to update/maintain later would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Bill, our site ( offers unstrung tennis racquets and there's an option to string the racquet.  We also sell those strings on the website.

We basically had to do exactly what you are saying. We have a repeated KitGroup that contains all of our tennis strings.  

To accomplish this, we had to build an integration that works with the website's WSI and creates those automatically while we manage it from our internal system.  I would love to see ASPDNSF come up with "Shared" kit groups so that we could get rid of all that extra data.

Our Racquets also come in different sizes. To link these we have a "Sizes" kit group that has all the sizes and links to the variant sizes by variant ID.  You could accomplish the same thing with color.

As far as getting the font or color swatches to display in the product page, maybe it would be a good idea to put some sort of little HTML snippet in the KitItem description that showcases that option (Eg: Blue would have a little snippet that shows that color). That way the customer can look at what the actual color of the frame would be.

Hey Bryan,

Thanks for the reply! I checked out your site (I really like the UI design!) I poked at some of the tennis rackets, both strung and not-explicitly-strung, and I didn't see an option to string the racket. Am I just missing it? Could you perhaps post a link to an example product?

Yeah, it half-occurred to me to make mat color, text color, font and placement as products with multiple variants, then use those variants as kit group items. It wouldn't save on data entry or reduce the additional rows in the db, but it would at least save on redundant images and make it easier to revise/ discontinue an option later. It just feels weird to make a product for an intangible like "green."

Hi Bill, 

I apologize, our site is only open to our wholesale customers.

Here's one of our "retail" sites: ustaproshop(dot)com

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