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New Telerik.Web.UI.DLL broke admin site in Multistore 10.0.19


We use the Multistore 10.0.19 version and recently we had to update the Telerik.Web.UI.DLL into bin folder to a newer version (2020.1.219.45) for the sake of a Telerik control in our main page. The problem is that it seems to have broken something into Admin (see attached). Mostly works fine but the screens that contains the forms for Topic and Products editing are cracked (I didn't go too much further to check what else is in the same condition). Temporarily I can make some emergencial updates in topics tweaking the DB directly with SQL but it definitively is not the ideal scenario.

For testing purposes I rolled the DLL back to the original version that comes with the Mulstistore 10.0.19 package (Telerik.Web.UI.DLL vs. 2017.2.711.0) and then the Admin works fine again but then my Telerik control which depends on the newest version got broken.

Any idea on how to fix it?

PS: I was thinking... would it be possible to point different Telerik.Web.UI.DLL for public website and admin site? If yes it would fix the issue.


(630 KB)

This looks like a DLL version error. With that version error I would try updating the project reference in the web project to the newer version for Telerik.Web.UI.DLL.

Hmmmm... I don't think it can be done.

Odd updating the reference in the project should of worked. The process should be very similar to the Telerik patch/s provided by Vortx. Which looks like it updated recently as well. Just the Vortx patch has Version 2020.1.114.45 instead of 2020.1.219.45.

The readme.txt says to copy the Telerik.Web.UI.dll in the \AssemblyReferences which should work just as well as updating the project directly.

If updating AssemblyReferences  doesn't work make certain admin folder web.config and site web.config do not have version numbers for Telerik as well.

I think that we may not be in the same page here... I don't know of this "AssemblyReferences" folder. In my version of Multistore the DLLs (including the Telerik ones) seats on "bin" folder...

Sure the web/IIS folder is where DLLs end up after a compile but there should be a folder before the web folder. The folder above the web folder is where you need to look. I did confirm even non source version there is folder root folder with solution files, the web folder and the AssemblyReferences folder.

I see. Well I really don't know about this. I searched for 'AssemblyReference' folder and I couldn't find it in the current version of MultiStore 10.0.19 and not either in our production site that is still running the old 9.4 version of StoreFront. But I appreciate your efforts on trying to help. :-)

Anyway, in case of someone get stuck in the same issue my buddy at company figured how to fix it by moving the following lines from  web.config to AppSettings.config. It did the trick!

<add key="Telerik.Skin" value="Default" />
<add key="Telerik.ScriptManager.TelerikCdn" value="Disabled" />
<add key="Telerik.StyleSheetManager.TelerikCdn" value="Disabled" />
<add key="Telerik.Web.UI.RenderMode" value="lightweight" />


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