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Where is the proper place for JS and CSS in XML.CONFIG packages?


Hopefully it's a simple question.

I am customizing our product.VariantsInRightBar.xml.config file so I am trying to replace the regular variant picture with a slideshow which depends on a couple JS functions and CSS). However I am having difficulty on find the right place for it. I tried to place it everywhere but it's crashing the page.

Where is the proper place for custom JS and CSS there?


xml/xslt inside of a xmlpackage (.xml.config) can have issues with JavaScript and CSS due certain characters meaning something else for xml. Warping the JavaScript in cdata section will avoid the characters issues.

For example


		function onentityrelatedClick() {							
		ga('send', 'event', 'UX', 'click', 'related catagory click');


After some trial and error I figured that the proper place is after the params of the template.

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