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Issue testing with local IIS Server in Win10

I have an operational website hosted by Vortex which has a issue in one function. I copied the site onto my local machine and created an IIS website for it. When I attempt to open the site, I get either nothing in my browser (http://localhost:8000/) or XML Parsing Error: no root element found Location: http://localhost:8000/default.aspx

Line Number 1, Column 1(http://localhost:8000/default.aspx).

My only web.config modification was to point to my local db (a clone of my production db).

There is one security log entry:

Credential Manager credentials were read.


 Security ID: DESKTOP-QQOLG5N\Abbot

 Account Name: Abbot

 Account Domain: DESKTOP-QQOLG5N

 Logon ID: 0x2091F4

 Read Operation: Read Credential

This event occurs when a user performs a read operation on stored credentials in Credential Manager.

Not sure how to proceed?

Thanks - Abbott

Here's the IIS screen


There are a few things you may attempt to solve the problem if Windows 10 is giving you problems testing with a local IIS server. Verify IIS installation and operation: Make sure IIS is installed and operational on your local PC first. By visiting the Windows Features area of the Control Panel and making sure Internet Information Services is selected, you can confirm this. The World Wide Web Publishing Service must be launched for IIS to be operating, which you can confirm by heading to the Services app. Verify the firewall's settings: Make sure that the local IIS server is not being blocked by your firewall's settings. You can briefly turn off your firewall and attempt to visit the website once more.check to see whether the problem is fixed. If so, you must modify your firewall settings to include an exception for the local IIS server. Verify the site's bindings: Verify that the site's IIS bindings are valid. Be sure that IIS and your firewall settings are configured appropriately if you plan to use a certain port. Make that the website is configured to listen on the right IP address as well. Verify the site's permissions: Check to see if the user account operating the site has the right access rights to the site's files and folders. Examine the event logs to see if there are any IIS or other related faults or you're evaluating. This might offer more details on the problem. If none of these fixes the problem, you might need to speak with a more knowledgeable IT expert or contact Microsoft support for more help.

I've since passed on to a new provider and the issue no longer exists. Thanks for the follow-up.


To troubleshoot issues with testing a local IIS Server in Win10, make sure that IIS is installed and running, check firewall settings, reset IIS to default settings, and verify that the website's application pool is configured correctly with necessary dependencies installed.

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