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Issue testing with local IIS Server in Win10

I have an operational website hosted by Vortex which has a issue in one function. I copied the site onto my local machine and created an IIS website for it. When I attempt to open the site, I get either nothing in my browser (http://localhost:8000/) or XML Parsing Error: no root element found Location: http://localhost:8000/default.aspx

Line Number 1, Column 1(http://localhost:8000/default.aspx).

My only web.config modification was to point to my local db (a clone of my production db).

There is one security log entry:

Credential Manager credentials were read.


 Security ID: DESKTOP-QQOLG5N\Abbot

 Account Name: Abbot

 Account Domain: DESKTOP-QQOLG5N

 Logon ID: 0x2091F4

 Read Operation: Read Credential

This event occurs when a user performs a read operation on stored credentials in Credential Manager.

Not sure how to proceed?

Thanks - Abbott

Here's the IIS screen


if the only web.config modification from a production web.config then debug messages are most likely off. For localhost debugging setting compilation debug to true and setting httpErrors errorMode to Detailed can certainly help given the more detailed error messages.

The main common thing when making a local debug environment coming from production is SQL permissions between severs are different even if the user names look the same. Therefore security might need to be checked/redone/updated.


The web.config seems to work on another machine ... I'm getting a sql login error using integrated security. I'll play with sql login. Later.


All is well with sql. Reboots worked.

Its means runtime error, HTTP error & 500-page error that the developers are checking to the server and maintaining the configuration Alabama Logo Design Company

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