If you've already signed up with a live chat provider, they will have provided you with a script, follow the steps below to install the script into your website. If you didn't get a script, and you're not sure what to do, please send us a ticket so we can work out how best to help you get going.

If you haven't yet signed up with a live chat service, we recommend LiveChat - they offer a 14 day trial, the platform is easy to use, doesn't require any software installation, and the sign up and install process takes less than 5 minutes.

1. Sign up!

Click here to sign up for LiveChat. Enter your basic contact information and website URL.

Next you'll be asked who will install it, click the button to Install LiveChat yourself. You've got this.

Next, click the link to copy the installation code to your clipboard: 

Leave this browser tab open until you complete the installation.

2. Install it!

With your code copied to your clipboard, head over to your admin console. Go to Content > Manage Topics and search for a 'chat' - you should have a topic named 0-template-live-chat. Open the topic for editing.
Note: If you can't find a topic by that name, you can still install live chat - just skip the step below and instead edit your Skins/[SkinFolder]/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml file and paste the code just above the </body> tag.

Click the <>HTML button to edit the topic code, and paste (CTRL+V) the LiveChat code between the <div> tags so it looks like the screenshot below. 

Click Save when you're finished. Now, visit your website and you should see the chat feature in the lower right corner of every page on  your site.


3. Chat!

Head back to your livechat.com browser tab where you copied your installation code and it should congratulate you for a job well done. Click the Onward! button to log in to manage your LiveChat account and start chatting up your visitors.

Need help? Something not working for you? Send us a ticket and we'll be glad to help.