Anywhere in your admin console that you can find an HTML editor, you can install an embedded YouTube video on your website. You can embed videos on your homepage, specific topics (pages, like 'about us'), or even in a product or category description.

Follow these steps to embed any YouTube video into a page on your website: 

  1. Visit a video you want to embed on Underneath the video display, click the Share button.
  2. This opens up a window where you can select where you want to share. Select Embed.
  3. You can specify privacy settings here, show/hide the player controls, and indicate whether you want the video to begin playing at the beginning, or at some other point. After you've selected your settings, highlight the code and click Copy.
  4. Go to your storefront admin console, and open a topic, product, or category description where you'd like the video to appear. Open the HTML <> view by clicking the tab near the bottom. Type Ctrl+V to paste the embed video code in, then click Save.
  5. Visit the page on your site, and it should look like this: