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Jquery Phone # validator

I've noticed this year that we've had issues with AIM improperly importing phone numbers from our rentals orders. If a customer includes the 1, a plus sign or puts in too many digits it doesn't give them an error, just pulls in the phone number and then aimsi doesn't put it on their account since it's not valid. Phone number validation is a pretty simple thing, so I started digging into it and it looks like jquery is the best bet, as boostrap doesn't natively have this.

I found a number of Jquery's that are phone # validation, however I've never installed a Jquery before from scratch. The instructions are a bit vague; I was thinking that the plugin should be installed in the "Scripts" folder of the skin for the site - anyone with a bit more tech knowledge then myself think that sounds about right?

Bootstrap generally allready has installed jquery on the site. This is because the bootstrap JavaScript portions work off/require jquery. If you mean adding a jquery plugin that can certainly be done. Placing the plugin in script folder makes sense since jquery file is in that folder out of the box.

Version 10.0.21 and higher has phone formatting/validation which should help as well. from the manual goes into more detail.

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I did mean a plugin for thanks for the manual link! We'll see how it goes. I appreciate the assist. 

Hi Roxanne, 

Please do not install jquery into your AIM Storefront. It’s already built-in, and installing another copy/version in the skin will do more harm than good. I am going to convert this issue into a Feature Request for our development team to have a look at. Thank you for letting us know. 

Thanks Matt,

It was a specific plugin I was looking at using but a feature request would rock. I'd LOVE to see similar verifications for email addresses (having them type it in twice, and them having to match) and USPS address verification too so that address populates in the same format accross the board to match the post offices standards. We get all sorts of mistakes; people not giving us a street number, only the name or just a number with no street name x.x.

I tried to do the email one myself and was unsuccessful. It was a little advanced for my basic script knowledge.

Cool thanks for AIM

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