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How to add extra amount to shopping cart items?

I hope someone can help me with this. We have products which demands an extra fee (long story) and the amount varies at variant-level (we store it in variant table ExtensionData column).

It's all fine regarding the product page as we managed easily to modify the product XML package and add this fee there so the customer can see what's going on.

However we are having a very bad time trying to reflect it in the shopping cart. No matter what I do it always will add to the cart the Price column of the variant table. I tried to modify the aspdnsf_AddItemToCart SP but it doesn't cause any effect. In fact I realized that even if I remove the ProductPrice column from the INSERT query in this SP it still will add the value to the ShoppingCart table!

Could someone give me a clue of where do I need to look to sum my extra fee to the product price in order to reflect it in shopping cart?


I figured a way of doing it and I will share it in case of someone else need it. It's a trick and it works very well.

Start setting the PRODUCTVARIANT.CustomerEntersPrice = 1 for all items in your DB. Now the product page won't display the product price anymore, instead it will show up a text field to customer type in the price he wants to pay.

Since this is NOT what you want, you will hide this textfield (turn it invisible) using Javascript (set the element visibility to hidden). Now load programmatically the total you want (product price + extra) into the textfield. In fact it's as if the customer was typing in the price, but in fact it will be YOU doing it in code.

Now when someone click in the "Add to cart" button it will add the value you loaded into the invisible text field. :-)

Note: Don't forget to add code in your product page to show up the actual price and to inform the customer what is being added to the price and why.





The add-to-cart button is a characteristic of ecommerce shops that permits clients to select objects to buy besides genuinely finishing the payment. For on line stores, it lives on character product pages, functioning as the digital equal of a buying cart in a brick and mortar keep

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