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Q: If I host with AspDotNetStorefront will I be safe from Denial of Service attack?

A: We can certainly fix up for you to be protected as a preventative measure, but the truth is that we can usually have you back up and running within an hour of an attack - the cost of the recovery is not insignificant, but it is far less prohibitive than the cost of year-round prevention. We pride ourselves in taking diligent care of you and your site(s).

Q: Where is my website or server hosted?

A: AspDotNetStorefront hosts all our production servers in our secure data centers.

Our Seattle hosting facility is ideally located outside the Seattle Fault Zone and liquefaction area, and is designed and constructed to sustain a seismic event while maintaining business functions. Superior network connectivity with Seattle’s robust optic loops keeps latency low. The availability of more than ten internet service providers gives both flexibility and redundancy. 55 MW existing electrical capacity, 45 on site generators with one half million gallons of on-site fuel storage, and a carrier vault system supported by more than fifty miles of embedded, secure conduits, combine with industry-leading hosting services to provide customers with the ultimate in security and reliability.

  • 2000 amps 480v Input Power
  • 4 x 500Kva UPS Battery Backup Units
  • 2000Kw Diesel Generator with On-site Fuel Storage Redundant Liebert 30 Ton HVAC Units
  • Pre-Action Dry Pipe Fire Suppression
  • Proximity Security Badge Access
  • Digital Security Video Surveillance
  • Three 10Gigabit Redundant Fiber connections

Our San Jose hosting facility offers an advanced dual-path network structure, including redundant network interface cards (NICs) in every server, such that customers can select up to 2G of connectivity for any server and configure their networking resources to achieve all-new levels of efficiency.

  • Redundant network infrastructure
  • Fully-automated platform
  • SAS70 Type II compliance
  • Multiple tier 1 carriers
  • Unique pod design concept

Q: What makes AspDotNetStorefront Hosting different?

A: AspDotNetStorefront is all about e-commerce. We offer specialized, secure, and managed hosting solutions for clients that share our passion for online success. Our hosting environment has been customized from the ground-up to provide the most stable, secure and efficient platform specifically for hosting AspDotNetStorefront websites.

  • Specialization: Our servers host only AspDotNetStorefront websites allowing the site code to have exclusive and unrestricted access to the server resources. Only necessary AspDotNetStorefront prerequisites are installed and running to provide better application performance.
  • Security: Our servers are fully firewalled and protected behind network intrusion detection systems. Each site on shared hosting is allocated dedicated memory to prevent other sites on the same shared server from affecting another’s performance. Our database servers are NOT available to the public and Administrator access to our servers is not provided.
  • Management: AspDotNetStorefront provides weekly server security audits, off-server backups, error log notification, web-site monitors, and dedicated staff to provide support and assistance for all our managed hosting plans.
  • Support: AspDotNetStorefront provides development support for AspDotNetStorefront sites. Our staff of on-site developers and off-site development partners can work with your site directly to debug and troubleshoot problems in your code. We also offer a full range of design and custom development to enhance your e-commerce site’s web presence and functionality.

Q: What is the difference between Managed and Unmanaged Hosting?

A: All hosting plans offered by AspDotNetStorefront are managed, meaning they are configured, customized and maintained by our expert staff with no interaction required from the customer. This includes setting up a secure server for your website, maintaining software updates and OS patches, routinely checking error logs for indications of future failures, and full off-server backup. Every server and website on a managed hosting plan is remotely monitored for availability and our on-call technicians are notified 24/7 in the event of any outage. Customers with Managed hosting plans will NOT be provided Administrator access to their server.

Unmanaged hosting plans usually only include support for hardware failures. They do not include any server setup or support beyond the initial provisioning of the operation system. Security configuration, software updates, server maintenance and backups are the sole responsibility of the customer. AspdotNetStorefront does not offer unmanaged hosting plans.

Q: What is the difference between the Shared and Cloud hosting plans?

A: Shared hosting plans tend to be the most economical way for the average customer to get their website online. In a Shared hosting plan, multiple clients are hosting on a single server - the resources of that server are "shared" among the clients who are hosted on that server. This keeps the cost down, since the cost of the server and its resources are spread among all the clients who are hosted on that machine.

Our Clustered 'Cloud' hosting plans provide you with an environment that is entirely dedicated to running your website. Cloud Hosting uses redundant and expandable hardware to maintain up-time, even during a hardware failure, and can be scaled on demand to maintain performance. Our Cloud hosting plan offers the best performance and scaleability to accommodate any size AspDotNetStorefront site.

Q: When is your maintenance window and how much downtime can we expect on our site?

A: To ensure that the AspDotNetStorefront production servers are secure and running at their optimal capabilities, our engineers perform server maintenance on Wednesdays, between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 12:00 a.m. PST. This maintenance may only impact the availability of a server for a brief period of time and maintenance may not be required for every site or server.

  • Maintenance includes, although is not limited to, such activities as: adding, removing or replacing hardware on servers, bringing new servers online, applying software updates to servers, applying security updates issued by the manufacturer, correcting problems with software, or installing new software on servers.
  • Maintenance windows are generally used to perform non-urgent work. Urgent work will always be scheduled as quickly as possible with as much notification as possible and may be performed outside of the regular Wednesday maintenance window.

Q: On your Shared Hosting plan, what does Memory Allocation mean?

A: Memory Allocation is a private section of server memory in which only your website runs. This prevents other websites on the same shared server from affecting your site’s performance.

Q: How do I contact support and what hours are you available by phone?

A: Help Desk tickets may be submitted 24 hours a day at Hours of operation for our hosting support at the Help Desk are Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm PST (excluding U.S. observed holidays).

Emergency support is also available via our Help Desk 24/7. At this time, we do not offer phone support.

Q: Where can I find a copy of your hosting agreement and SLA?

A: Hosting Agreement and SLA

Q: Can I get a custom hosting solution, tailored to my site and business requirements?

A: Yes, please contact us for custom hosting quotes designed around your unique specifications.

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