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Modified on Thu, 16 Jul 2020 at 12:06 PM

Your template includes a "Promo Box" - this is a modal window that displays after a few seconds that a visitor first browses the site that can invite them to sign up for your newsletter, offer a coupon code, or alert visitors about upcoming promotions or events.

The promo window uses cookies to ensure that it only appears to each visitor to the store once every 7 days by default. This is to prevent over-notifying return visitors with repeat information.

 To test out changes you're making to the promo window, open a new 'incognito' window in the Google Chrome browser. This opens an anonymous browsing session and won't use a cookie you might have collected from the site which could prevent the display of the promo window to you.


You can manage Settings in your admin console under Configuration > Settings. There are three settings used for the promo window:

  1. promo-window-enabled
    Turns the promo window on or off.
  2. promo-window-time-delay
    Controls the time (in milliseconds) before the promo window will appear to a new visitor. This is set to 5000 ms (5 seconds) by default.
  3. promo-window-cookie-expiration
    The number of days before the promo window cookie expires.


Topics can be edited in your admin console under Content > Manage Topics. There are a couple of topics that can control the display of the promo window:

  1. 0-home-promo-window
    This is the frame for the promo window as it appears on the site to visitors. It contains the bootstrap modal window code, and most of the content in this topic shouldn't be modified unless you're familiar with Boostrap. This topic can be used to change the text that appears above a newsletter sign up form. Be sure to edit the text in <> HTML view so that the hidden bootstrap modal window code remains in place.
  2. 0-newsletter-signup-form
    This is the topic that's embedded in the promo window. It can contain a message, or a sign-up form from your email marketing provider.


See the examples below of different ways The Promo Window can be used.

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